Upcoming events

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Washington DC
Talking Elections and Organizing

February 13, 6:30pm

Join Marvin Randolph, Executive Director of the Southern Elections Fund; Miti Sathe, Executive Director of Square One Politics; Heather Booth, Founder of the Midwest Academy; and Leah Greenberg & Ezra Levin, co-executive directors of Indivisible for an intimate conversation. These leading community organizers will share stories and discuss how work in elections has factored into their larger vision for social change. RSVP here.


Tufts University
Building Grassroots Power

February 21, 12:00pm

A conversation with Gladys Vega, Executive Director of the Chelsea Collaborative; Darlene Lombos, Executive Director of Community Labor United; Beth Huang, Director of Massachusetts Voter Table; and Heather Booth, Founder of the Midwest Academy. These four visionary women organizers will reflect on their experiences building grassroots power at the local, state, and national level. Where do we start, what have we learned, and how do we stay in this work for the long haul? RSVP here.


Brown University
Our Movement of Purpose and Resilience

February 21, 6:00pm

From defending women’s right to choose to building student power to expand access to education, organizers in Rhode Island have been working to improve people’s lives for generations. Join lifelong strategist, Freedom Summer participant, and Founder of the Midwest Academy, Heather Booth and three rising organizers of the next generation––Tiara Mack, of the Women’s Health & Education Fund; Kavelle Christie, of Planned Parenthood, Ahmed Sesay, of the Providence Student Union––as they share about their experiences in organizing and the lessons they draw. Marti Rosenberg, adjunct professor at Brown, will moderate. RSVP here.


Harvard Kennedy School
Organizing for Now
and a Lifetime

February 22, 12:00pm

Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School; Heather Booth,founder of the Midwest Academy and JANE Collective; and Zienab Abdelgany, organizer with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization; will draw from their decades of collective experience in this conversation. The group will discuss and share stories about developing strategy, the relationship between mobilizing and organizing, and working in social change for the long haul. RSVP here.


New York City
From Fear to Empowerment to Leadership

March 6, 6:30pm

A conversation with veteran organizer and Freedom Summer participant Heather Boothand two rising stars of the next generation of progressive organizing. Cristina Jiménez, co-founder and Executive Director of United We Dream and Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change. How have progressive organizations been able to shift cultural narratives in their fight for justice? What does intersectionality look like in practice, as an organizer and within an organization? How do we live progressive values and win? RSVP here.