What is organizing? Why is it important? Where do our movements come from and where are we going? In this critical and perilous moment, lifelong progressive strategist Heather Booth and student voting rights organizer Wylie Chang are setting out to facilitate intergenerational conversations about social change. 


From veterans of Freedom Summer to the rising stars of the next generation, the leading organizers of our time will gather to “speak a book,” reflecting on their paths to becoming organizers, how they developed their vision, and the lessons they have drawn from their experiences. 

Inspired by Myles Horton and Paulo Freire’s classic We Make the Road by Walking, Heather and Wylie will use the transcriptions from the conversations to form the basis of a book. Further reflections will be interwoven––from the speakers and others––practical lessons, exercises for organizing, photographs, and historical notes to serve as a record of the current moment and a resource for future generations.